Every two or three days I face the daunting mission of coordinating, purchasing and packaging a lunch bag to send to work with my husband. This task is an enormous challenge because I am striving to provide him with a variety of food that offers him a healthy, balanced diet that still appeals to his tastes.  Now, my husband claims to be a “basic” man – a no-frills, low-maintenance kind of guy.  He says he likes just about anything and doesn’t need anything fancy.  This is what he says…however, I have evidence to the contrary.

My “basic” guy only has a few exceptions to his “I’ll eat just about anything” stance.  For example, let’s consider his views on fruit.  He likes pears in their natural form, but not cut up and in syrup.  He likes apples in their natural form and he likes them sliced, but he does not like them cut into chunks and really doesn’t like them with any kind of syrup or cream, although he likes applesauce. Watermelon is okay.  Canteloupe is not.  Oranges are okay.  Tangelos are not. He does not like peaches in their natural form, but will eat them cut up into chunks and in a syrup. White grapes are okay. Red grapes are not…I could go on and on.

I try to choose foods for Dave’s lunch that meet his requirements, while trying to offer some variety (because that “basic” guy will not eat foods on his “okay” list if I send them too many times in a row). Since my options for his lunchtime foodstuffs seem to dwindle by the day, I am thrilled when I discover something new that he actually likes.  Packing his lunch has become an agonizing process.  So, you can imagine my frustration after the following phone conversation today:

“Honey, I stopped at Sheetz last night and picked up a few snacks for my lunch.”

“Oh, okay.  Great.  What did you get?”  I’m hoping for something I can add to the lunch list.

“A banana….Rice Krispies Treats…”

“Wait a  minute.  You don’t like Rice Krispies Treats.”

“Yes, I do.”

“But, I sent them in your lunch once and you told me you really didn’t like them.”

“You did?”

“Yes, I sent those Little Debbie ones.”

“Those aren’t Rice Krispies Treats.  Those Little Debbie things have marshmallow.”

“David, they are the same thing.  Look at one of your Rice Krispies Treat packages.  I guarantee it says something about marshmallow on there.”


“Oh yeah. It does.  Hmmm…well, the crispy rice cereal in those Little Debbie snacks were spaced a little too far apart for me, so I didn’t want to try them.”



“We’re doing a blind taste test when you get home.  C’mon David.  Has Little Debbie ever let you down?”

Dave comes home on Sunday for the ultimate baked goods showdown:  The Pastry Powerhouse Little Debbie takes on the Triple Threat of Snap, Crackle and Pop.  We’ll be sure to post the taste test results.