I’ll be off-line for the next few days as I move in to my new home.  I encourage you to take some time to click around My Mommy’s Place.  I’ve launched our October updates a few days early, so check it out.  Oh, and…

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, browse around and visit some of the other great mom shops they have listed in their shopping directory.

I’ll be back on Monday!

This is our last full day in Wheeling, West Virginia.  Tomorrow, we begin the long and arduous process of moving to our new home that is not so near to here.  We wanted to make today special, particularly for Julia.  We woke up and treated ourselves to some ice cream for breakfast, then made our way to our favorite place:  Oglebay Park.

Oglebay Park 

Oglebay has been a common backdrop for special events in my life.  I’ve celebrated a prom, a wedding, birthdays, anniversaries and countless other important occasions at this beautiful place.  For the past year, it has been a cherished spot for Julia and I to spend time together.  We’ve racked up quite a few hours feeding the ducks at the pond, watching the Cascading Water Show at Schenk Lake and walking the trails.  It is an understatement to say we will miss Oglebay.

Today, when we arrived to feed the ducks, we found that the food dispensers were missing, and this new policy was posted:

New Policy on Feeding the Ducks 
Oglebay's Schenk Lake 

So, we watched the ducks for a while, then took Julia to the playground to play.  We walked to the Butterfly Garden and ended our trip with a stop at our favorite fountain, where Julia threw a penny in and made a wish.

Julia throws a Penny in the fountain at Oglebay 

Just before we left, Daddy spotted a Praying Mantis which, he informed us, is good luck.

Praying Mantis at Oglebay

I’m so excited about this move.  I love our new home and I look foward to settling in there.  Still, West Virginia will always be special to me.  It really is Almost Heaven. (Cue “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver)

Every so often, a song comes along that resonates with me and sort of transfigures me.  You know those songs – the ones that recreate a feeling and just take you to another place.  Sometimes it happens because the timing is right, and once that moment is over, the song fades away and loses its elevating effect.  Some of them stick around for like 25 years, like this one:  “Just Can’t Get Enough” by Depeche Mode.

A song that is guaranteed to incite a Dance Party Jam anytime it is played at my house.

A song that can pull me out of my darkest mood and make me get up and groove.  Even at 4 A.M.

A song that is so yummy, they used it in this Gap commercial in 1999.  Yeah, they’re all in leather and they’re all standing still.  They need me in there bouncing and twirling among them, wearing blazing red leather pants.  Especially around :05.  Yeah, I’d like that.

“When I’m with you baby, I go out of my head…”

Come on.  Let’s Dance!

I was feeling very tense yesterday.  Everyone at our house is feeling that way right now.  We’ve been waiting so long and working so hard for this move to the new house, and it’s nearly here.  We’re excited, tired and anxious which equals stressed!  Anyway, I needed to take a break and get out, so I announced that Julia and I were going to put gas in the car and get some groceries.  Dave decided to come along.  On the way to the gas station, we talked.  I began to vent my frustrations, feeling secure that I could confide in my understanding and loving husband.  

I am married to a wonderfully kind, gentle and compassionate man.  He writes me poetry.  He rubs my feet, even when they’re gross.  He tells me I’m beautiful with such sincerity that I believe that he means it, even when I have a giant zit on my nose.  He buys me a laptop computer when I tell him I’d like to start a website.  He sings to me.  He’s a great husband. 

He listened carefully the whole time I unloaded my frustrations.  I talked about the edgy feeling I had and all the tiny things that just seemed to be annoying me so much, lately.  It felt good to verbalize some of the emotions and issues I’d been dealing with regarding the move.  After I had just let out everything that had me aggravated and upset I said, “…I don’t know.  Am overreacting?”

Here’s where things went terribly wrong. 

If you can even believe it, he actually said, “Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you started your period tonight.  It’s like you’re getting ready.”

I stopped the car and the world seemed to stop along with it.  Nothing moved.  There was no sound except for the slow and steady beat of my heart.  I felt as if my blood had turned to fire and was racing to my head.  I gripped the steering wheel, preparing for the impending explosion until I heard a soft, sweet voice from the back seat ask, “You okay, Mom?”

I nodded my head and looked at my husband in disbelief.  Even after nearly 33 years of living with either his mom and sister or a wife, he was completely oblivious to the fateful error he had made.  Through clenched teeth, I forced the question, “What did you say?”  I wanted to give him an opportunity to redeem himself. 

But, he didn’t.  He said, “Well, you’re sensitive to stuff.”  Then, it got worse.  He kept on talking.  “I mean, the last time right before your period started, you were all emotional and stuff.  And you’re kinda like that right now.”

I glared at him. 

“You’re not like that all the time.  You’re like that around your period.”

I glared even harder at him.

“I think you’re misunderstanding me.”

I glared so hard that laser beams shot out from my eyes and started burning a whole in his chest.

“I’m just gonna stop talking now.”

“Good idea.”  

Julia woke up in the mood to perform ballet on Friday. Here she is, in her Wiggles nightgown dancing to “Waltz of the Flowers” just before breakfast.

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