If you weren’t already aware, I like lists. They’re fun to write and they make just about anything intriguing to read. I’ve been cruising around, enjoying lots of list posts, lately and felt inspired to write a few of my own. Then I thought, “Hey, I’ll just dedicate a whole week to it. I’ll call it: WEEK OF LISTS.” I was so delighted with my grand idea, I could hardly contain my mirth…until I sat down to write my first list. My enthusiasm fizzled and my well of creativity ran dry. Everything I thought and all the things I tried to write just didn’t seem to work. Dave tried to help (*denotes suggestions by him). Here’s a list of a few of the ideas I’m considering for this week.

Favorite Interpretive Dance Songs (with a sample video included?). While I’m not formally trained, I love to create interpretive dance routines to popular songs. I’ve never performed publicly, but I get the feeling that I’m really good.

Guilty Pleasures. This list may be a bit overdone, but it’s so delicious I don’t think I can resist.

Favorite/Least Favorite Euphemisms and/or Colloquialisms. It’s six one way, half a dozen the other.

*Best/Grossest Movie Death Scenes. You know, because it’s Halloweenie.

Possible Explanations For The Bizarro Husband Phenomena. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, lately. The Bizarro Husband struck again last night. This time he was creating opportunities for female houseguests to walk in on him naked and making disparaging comments about me to another woman on the phone. Perhaps it is a result of my insecurity, a fear of abandonment, or consumption of a Mini Chips Ahoy! Go-Pack! and a Diet Dr. Pepper right before bed. It might help to sort it all out in list form.

Things I Want My Daughter To Know. If she could learn from all the mistakes I’ve made, she’ll be just about perfect.

If you have a suggestion, have at it in the comments. I can use all the help I can get!