I didn’t post an entry here, yesterday. Thankfully, Dave was kind enough to bust something out to keep things flowing, but I am feeling pretty guilty about it. So, in honor of the WEEK OF LISTS, I am providing you, in list form, my excuses for the lack of blogging yesterday.

1. I was battling the YouTube uploader. With a toddler ruling my schedule, my computer time is sporadic and often limited. Yesterday, I spent most of my computer time trying to upload video for this post. It finally worked, but I get the feeling that YouTube hates me.

2. I was distracted. It’s hard to focus when you have this begging you for attention.


3. I was interrupted. This is Katie, a.k.a. Damn It Katie or since Julia has started talking, Bad Katie.


Looks sweet, doesn’t she? She isn’t. We call her Bad Katie for a reason. Katie is like a rebellious teenager giving you the finger behind your back, but instead of giving me the finger she was peeing in my Longaberger basket. Her saving grace is that she is very squishy and I like that.

4. I had a date with Julia. Julia and I bought some wooden letters to paint and hang on her playroom door and I promised her we’d do that yesterday. So, we did. It took two coats of paint and two coats of sealer, with an hour of dry time between each. It was pretty much an all-day project.

The Play Room Letters

5. I had an unfortunate incident. This is where things go terribly wrong. Men, you may want to jump ship right here because I’m going to talk about woman issues. Okay? Here it is. After more than 2 years without a period (just one reason breastfeeding rocks), it returned. With.A.Vengence. After a maddening search for an appropriate product, it became clear that I just wasn’t prepared. It had been a long time since I dealt with this thing. I needed to get to the store to buy the goods, but wasn’t willing to head out unprotected. So, I made due and used a diaper to fashion what I thought was a reasonable substitute. A diaper is absorbent and disposable. It is also the funniest thing an adult can wear, according to a toddler. And when my toddler thinks something is funny, she likes to share it. Luckily, my husband arrived home, took pity on me and made the trip to the store. By that point, I was so frazzled that my mastery of language was reduced to grunts and claps (and that doesn’t translate to print too easily). So, instead of writing, I curled up on the couch with Julia and watched a full hour of Roseanne.

Hopefully, I can make up for all this by having my Guilty Pleasures list out this evening.