We are hosting a get-together on Christmas Eve that will serve as the kick-off to our official holiday celebration. Woo hoo!

This is our first party in our new home, which is well-suited for entertaining, so I’m excited. This week, we’ll be cleaning, decorating and baking to get ready for the big event filled with fun, food and good company. It’s gonna be great!

Although, I am a little nervous.

There may be one or more people in attendance that hate me.

Normally, I’d say that’s not a big deal. I’ve been hated before. Usually, I’ve done something to deserve it. But, I have a difficult time being hated for no reason or the wrong reason, and that’s what I’m dealing with here. Still, I’m so hyped up on Christmas spirit, I think I have enough good cheer to dispel even the scroogiest Scrooge or Leslie-hater.

Okay…and here’s were I get all dippy and naive…maybe, this year, it will be different. Maybe this is the turning point.

Perhaps they’ll come to my beautiful, festively-decorated home to be welcomed by my warm and loving daughter and blissfully happy husband and partake of delicious and skillfully prepared Hors d’Oeuvres, entrees and desserts, and open carefully chosen gifts and decide: Hey! We like Leslie after all!

It could happen. Christmas is a miraculous time of year.

And even if I am pulverized by the crushing weight of the hate, I have Christmas to look forward to the next day.

And Christmas is going to ROCK.

Right, Santa?