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I had a D&C on Tuesday.

My miscarriage wasn’t the type where I started bleeding or feeling bad so I went to the doctor who said, “You’ve had a miscarriage.” Instead, mine was the kind where the whole family lined up excitedly to see the baby on the ultrasound screen and then the doctor asks if I’ve been feeling okay and the nurse takes Julia out of the room to color in a Dora The Explorer coloring book while I get the news that the baby stopped growing. Even three days after all that, I still felt pregnant. My body hadn’t gotten the message yet. So, I had a D&C.

D&C stands for dilate and curettage, which means they dilate the cervix and scrape out the stuff that shouldn’t be there. And it feels as good as it sounds. My procedure was completed at the hospital rather than in the doctor’s office and I was given anesthesia, so I slept through it. Then, I woke up with the hurting. And pain. And hurting. Then, 12 hours later, a fever. And then a higher fever. And then throwing up. And hurting. And pain.

At first we thought it was an infection from the surgery, but it turns out that I picked up a nasty virus on a really bad day.

Now, I’m home in bed, taking an amazing concoction of miracle medicine and, what a better time to blog, huh?

Actually, it seems like a good time to take a nap. I’m really tired. But first, here is a little something that makes me happy. Because I still have a whole lot to be thankful for.

Julia has been playing with a bunch of plastic, metallic-looking eggs that the Easter Bunny left for her a few weeks ago.

A Metallic Easter Egg

Yesterday, she climbed up on my lap with an egg in her hand. She opened it and held it up to my face, “Mom, look. It’s a match.”

“A match with what?”

“Your boobies. See?”

The Easter Egg That Looks Like Mommy

“Is that what my boobies look like?”

“Yeah. Your boobies are so round and so shiny…like my Easter egg!”

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