It’s late. Really late. I should be in bed like a responsible adult, but I’m not. Instead, I’ve put on one heck of a fake rock concert, played on-line poker and sucked down enough Diet Coke to kill a lab rat. And so I have thoughts. In my brain. Deep thoughts, inspired by that bitter akaloid caffeine.

Here’s the main thing: Blogher. Are you going? I’m not going. I mean, I thought about going. Karly asked me if I was going and I was really tempted to go, but mostly to meet Karly. And she didn’t know if she was going. We were just talking about it. Instead of going there, I’d rather invite you all – my community – to hang out. We could have Blogher, Jr. Except, no. That name won’t work. There are men in our community…as well as non-bloggers…

We could form The League of Super Internet Acquaintances and meet at my house. I’ve got space. People could camp in my yard. Except for a few of you that I’d invite to stay in my family room for a slumber party. You know who you are. We could play Truth or Dare. Someone’s bra would probably end up in the freezer. It’d be great.

I know some people are freaked out about meeting someone from the internet, but if there was a big group of us – you know, safety in numbers. Or maybe a get-together isn’t a good idea.

The League of Super Internet Acquaintances still is a good idea, though. I’d love to have a thingy like the NaBloPoMo Randomizer that would consist of blogs authored by members of my League of Super Internet Acquaintances. That’d be sweet.

It’d be even cooler if our name spelled something. Super League Of Bloggers. S.L.O.B.

It’d be even greater if it spelled BADASS.

I’ve also been thinking about doing a video blog post, just to try it out. Maybe I’d do one once a week, or once a month or never. I don’t know.

I’m just thinking.