Remember that song by Supertramp? I had it on a 45 record and wore it out when I was kid. I love that song.

It’s raining here. Again. This is Day 2 of the rain. We’d had an exquisite stretch of warm, beautiful days filled with sunshine, cloudless skies and plenty of outdoor play. Now we’re stuck inside. For the second day.

Yesterday wasn’t bad. We’d spent so much time outside lately that Julia had a lot of fun rediscovering her play room toys while I did a little cleaning over in my sidebar. (Looks good, huh? Nice and tidy. I did it all myself. It only took me two hours to figure out how to do the expanding/collapsing thingies. Well, thingies is the technical term. Some people call them doohickeys.) We kept busy all day, doing the things we’d neglected during our week of unbridled recreation.

Today, to put an end to the sofa somersaults, coffee table karate chops and bean bag body slams, we did this:

It’s my first video blog. Enjoy!