It was a sticky 88 degrees here today, so Julia and I broke out her new Slip ‘N Slide (well, technically it’s a Banzai Soak N Splash that I got at a discount store for an amazingly low price, but what’s the difference?).

My yellow Slip ‘N Slide had been a mainstay of summer when I was a child. All the kids in the neighborhood would gravitate to my house to play on it. It was so much fun. I couldn’t wait for Julia to try hers out.

She had a blast.

Giggle Guts

The Slip ‘N Slide hasn’t changed much over the years. It only took ten minutes for the plastic tube that serves to create the “tunnel of water” experience to leak and fail. So, we unhooked the hose and laid it on the slide, just like we did when I was a kid. The major difference between the Slip ‘N Slide I knew and the modern day version: the mini splash pool at the bottom, which happened to be Julia’s favorite feature…next to the hose.