Yesterday, a couple of teenagers from down the road, over the creek and across the main road stopped by to see if they could walk on our property to scout the deer they intend to shoot and kill in the woods near our house when hunting season begins this fall. It seems they like to plan ahead. Although Dave and I aren’t big on the hunting thing, since they are friends with our neighbors (the nice ones who plow our drive-way in the winter), Dave said okay.

I was just driving my lawn tractor in from mowing the back half of the property when I came upon Dave and the two young men. We exchanged pleasantries and the boys moved along to get a closer look at the awesome doe that was standing at the edge of our field.

Once the kids were out of sight, I began to tell Dave about my latest idea for a video blog.

“Okay, so I think we need to do a video…to that song Rock and Roll Part Two? You know, ba-ba ba baaa baaa baaa Hey! That one?”


“A video of us mowing. Like, we can start with clips of us gassing up the mowers, pulling out…maybe one of those huddle things where we all put our hands in and shout, ‘Go!’ on three…”


“And then we edit together video of us mowing….high fiving when we pass each other…a little bit of my lawnmower dancing…”


“Maybe I could do some writhing, Tawny Kitaen style, on the hood of the lawn tractor…”

“That would be hilarious!”


“Maybe you could do a little of this,” he throws his head back and arches his back, “and I can throw some water on you…”

“You’re thinking of Flashdance.”

“Yeah, like Flashdance. That’d be cool.”

“Anyway…wanna do that next time we mow? Get some video?”

“I’d like to get some-”

Well, he said something a little naughty. Then, just as he was feeling me up and making a reference to a wet t-shirt contest –

(An aside: Even though he’s got free access to the goods without the veil of a t-shirt, the idea of seeing them through a wet t-shirt is appealing to him. I don’t get it. But hey, he doesn’t question me about my fascination with assless chaps. He just puts ’em on. So, I’m not saying a word.)

– we heard Julia cry. She’d been running around the yard and fell down, so we started to move toward her. As I looked back, I saw the two teenage boys up the hill from us, just out of sight, but within earshot so they could have heard the whole conversation Dave and I were just having. And I’m pretty sure they heard it, because they were smiling. They may have even been laughing. And giving a thumbs up gesture.

After we made sure Julia was alright, I pointed out the boys’ location and that I thought they heard us talking. Dave turned to see them looking through their binoculars. At us. He said, “Oh yeah. They heard us.”

“So, do you think that video is a good idea?”

“Well, if those boys show up the next time you fire up the lawnmower, I think you’ll have your answer.”