Well, I can’t just blurt it out, can I? Don’t worry, I’ll get to it soon. Or you could scroll to the bottom, but then you’d miss out on all the other stuff I’ve got to tell you. And it’d be a little like cheating or something.

First, I’ve got to thank our fabulous judge Laurie who took on the task of choosing one winner from 110 different haiku submitted by more than 30 participants. It was no easy task! As I compiled the lot of them for her to read, ensuring all identifying marks were removed, I started to realize that I’d really asked a lot of her. Still, she took on the job with great seriousness and enthusiasm. Thank you so much Laurie!

And you guys….wow. Your haiku were amazing! What was even better than that was the haiku fever that swept through the internets like a virus. A really fun virus. Haiku entries inspired haiku comments and we were all dancing to the beat of the 5-7-5 drum. What fun! I think we’ll have to do this again. What do you think? Perhaps we’ll make it a semi-annual event. August and February? That would work great for me because that’s when I have to get my engagement ring cleaned and it’d help me remember.

Now, on to the results of the first official Haiku Buckaroo Contest.

First, the finalists. Laurie narrowed it down from 110 to the following 14:

Mmmm. Ribs for dinner.
Fingers are made for lickin’.
Who needs a washcloth?

Submitted by Jenn from Holland

Wet spot on the floor
Damn dog peed on the carpet.
Bye-bye deposit.

Submitted by Kim at TwinMomma

In the dusty room
A broken piano leans.
No more music here.


Sky sits on wave tops.
Surf swishes across lands end.
Wind sifts out fine sands.


The slowly crawling
Cars, buses, trucks and trailers.
This is called rush hour?

Submitted by Jami at Not That Different

Code cutoff rejoice!
But, wait. It will not install.
Tears drench my keyboard.

Submitted by Charity at Writing Wrongs

Driver talks on cell,
Applies lipstick at stoplight.
Wonders why I stare.


Noisy cicada
Hoping to find his true love
Chirps loudly all day.


McDonalds Play Place
Sweaty shoes are discarded.
Kids shriek and tumble.

Submitted by Elaine at Blog In My Eye

I leave you to cry
Just a tiny helpless boy
Learning to find sleep.

Submitted by Julie at Learning & Laughter

The reason I am so late
To the haiku game.

Submitted by Karly at Wiping Up Snot

My foot is broken.
Can you Bedazzle a cast?
Mamma needs some bling.

Submitted by Mamma at Mamma Loves

Didn’t want to know.
Doctor let baby’s sex slip.
Now my lips are sealed!!

Submitted by Sassy at Sassy Tirades

The phone rings again.
I jump up from the sofa.

Submitted by Karrie

See how hard her job was?

If you are one of the finalists, feel free to proudly display the super-cool Haiku Buckaroo button on your blog or add it to your resume or print it out and post it on your refrigerator – whatever tickles your fancy. You earned it!

And now…the winner, The Haiku Buckaroo is….(drumroll please)…

In the dusty room
A broken piano leans.
No more music here.

Submitted by Jami at Not That Different

Congratulations Jami! You are the winner of a a Magnetic Poetry Haiku Kit, a Haiku Buckaroo Mug and the super-cool button for your blog.

Thank you to all the contest participants. Let’s do it again in February!