Our playgroup visited the Fire Department today.

Julia visits the Fire Department

Julia thought it was awesome.

The firemen were fabulous with the kids. They talked with them about calling 911 when there’s an emergency, getting out of the house if there’s a fire and staying low and near a window if they can’t get out.

One of the firemen dressed up in his full gear to show them how a fireman would look if he came to their house to fight a fire and reminded them that they should never hide from a fireman.

They showed the kids the fire pole. One of them slid down it. Julia wanted to slide down it, too. I told her it was only for fireman. She said, “I am a fireman.” I told her she needed some training first.

The fireman also showed the kids the ambulance and their scuba gear for diving.

Finally, they closed down the street and brought out the ladder truck.

The Ladder Truck in New Philadelphia

And each kid had a turn to get inside and turn the wheel.

Julia in the Ladder Truck

Then, it was off to the park for some playtime and a snack.

Julia at Tuscora Park

In Julia’s words, “Playgroup was pretty cool today.”