My witty and wordy friend Jen was offering up personal interviews to all of her blog readers and I asked to be included. Below are her questions and my answers. (Please note: Everything in bold should be read in the style of James Lipton.)

1. How did you and Dave meet?

I’ve blogged about this before. You can read the whole story with all the gooey details, including the photos I posted with my personal ad, here.

Yeah, I met Dave through the Yahoo! Personals only to discover that he lived in my apartment complex. We were in different buildings, but our apartment balconies faced each other. I was on the 8th floor and he was on the 3rd. We had both moved in on the same weekend one year prior to meeting on-line because we were both going through divorces.

I had a co-worker who used to say, “It’s just like the movie You’ve Got Mail!”

Well, no. No. No, it really isn’t. But I do think you could say it’s just like fate.

2. What were you like in high school? Which cool kids did you hang out with then?

I was insecure and gullible and way too into my looks. But, I was also kind and fun and maybe just a little bit cool and a tiny bit smart. I got good grades. I was involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities. I was a JV cheerleader and a volleyball player; I played clarinet in concert band and was in the flag corp. during marching season; I was a National Honor Society student, a peer educator and a HOBY Ambassador; I was president of my church youth group and traveled from church to church as a crusader in the summer. But most of my time was spent with my three best friends – Heather, Tricia and Vicki. We were nicknamed ‘The Brat Force.’ And we had the highest hair in the school.

3. Of all the hysterical things that Julia has said, what is the number one thing that you will NEVER forget?

She was 20 months old and saw a woodpecker for the first time. We sat in the yard and watched it hammer on a tree for about ten minutes. She thought it was amazing. When we went back inside, she couldn’t wait to tell her Daddy what she had seen. She ran up to him and burst forth with, “Daddy, I see a PEEPECKER!”

Dave and I still laugh about it. And we’re pretty evil, because we’ve never corrected her. She still calls them peepeckers. And it will never stop being funny.

4. How is this pregnancy different from your pregnancy with Julia?

My pregnancy with Julia consisted of exactly two weeks of mild morning sickness. I didn’t even begin to show until the end of my fifth month. And I felt sexy. I was a love goddess. I had more sex in my second trimester than I’d had in my whole life up to that point.

This time, I had morning sickness that lasted all day, every day for the first 14 weeks. At 19 weeks pregnant, I’m still having morning sickness, although it has eased up a bit. And I looked pregnant at the end of my third month. As for the sex? Well, Dave and I both have had enough time on our hands to do NaBloPoMo. What do you think?

If you’d like to join the interview fun, let me know. I’ll e-mail you a set of personalized questions for you to answer on your blog!