We decorated our Christmas tree yesterday.

Rather, my mother and I decorated the tree and Julia decorated a branch. She put every ornament on the same branch. Some of them didn’t have hooks on them yet. No matter. She gently placed them on top of the branch. Once she built up ten or twelve ornaments, I’d surreptitiously snatch a few when her back was turned and redistribute them on the tree. The exception was a teddy bear knick-knack that possessed no method for hanging. I kept taking it from it’s teetering position atop the branch and placing it back on the dining room table. She never spoke a word about it, but would replace it back on her chosen branch when I wasn’t looking.

Before heading to bed last night, I took one last look at the tree and removed the teddy bear one more time.

This morning, while I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast, I heard Julia shout from the dining room, “That sneaky Mommy! She took my ornament off again!”

That sneaky mommy!

I walked over to the doorway and told her, “Julia, that teddy bear isn’t an ornament. He doesn’t have a hook. You can’t hang him. He’s meant to sit. He’s just not an ornament.”

By the time I finished speaking, Julia was already placing the teddy bear on her branch of the tree. She looked over her shoulder at me and said, “Let’s just pretend that he’s an ornament, Mom. Okay?”