Julia likes to draw in my ‘To Do List’ notebook. This is a drawing she did of me. With a beard. She gave me a beard. She was certain to point it out. The beard. Mommy with a beard. Hilarious.

Julia's Drawing of Me

And while we’re talking about excess hair, my eyebrows are fairly prominent in that sketch, too.

On the next page, I quickly jotted:

Topping My To-Do List

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll skip the appointment and save the money for Christmas. Perhaps I could even make a little cash by setting up a tent in the side yard where people can pay to gaze upon my freaky excess facial hair. That way, when Julia makes fun of it again, I can say, “Hey! That hair paid for your Christmas!” and later, “…your college education.” It would be better than my current comeback, which is crying.