About a month ago, Sam over at Temporarily Me handed out The Nap Warden award to some “great blogs” she’d been reading. And, guess what?

Nap Warden Award

I was on the list!

When it happened, I was all, “Holy Frick! Sam is like a real blogger. Like, a good one. And she’s been reading my little blog? I had no idea!” I did a happy dance, then left a comment about how she made me feel all gushy and twirly. Then, I let her request for a list of my favorite blogs sit on my to-do list until now.

So, here I give you a list of the blogs I just have to read the moment they pop up in my feed reader. I guess you could call them my favorites.

1. Dooce. A mommy blogger without a subscription to Dooce is like a stock broker without a Wall Street Journal.

2. Finslippy. The most entertaining blog. Period.

3. Fluid Pudding. Angela gives me that 2:30-in-the-morning-conversation-and-we’re-getting-really-giddy kind of feeling. I love that.

4. Wiping Up Snot. I know, I know. Karly is on every list I ever make and you’re all like, “Enough with the PDA!” because I am totally blowing in her blog’s ear right now. But Karly is my favorite. I love Karly. I’m 100% positive that she’s my soul mate. And she just moved over to her own domain. If you consider that, this is like the first time I’ve ever linked to her. Plus, if you go to her new blog address right now, you will see that I am her TOP COMMENTER. Funk dat!

5. Dirty Little Secret. I’m not sure if I’m just falling in love or if I am witnessing greatness in the making, but this blog gets better and better with every entry.

6. Bubbles Writes. I’m lovin’ this girl. She’s real and she can write!

7. The World According To Suz. If I had met Suz in high school, I would have made it my mission to become her BFF. I would copy everything she did and have a secret crush on her. Kind of like the crush I have on her now, except it would be secret.

8. SusieJ. Think Goddess of Motherhood and you’ve got SusieJ. She’s exquisite. She has the kind of blog I wish I wrote.

Okay, I gotta stop somewhere and this is it. It’s hard to make lists like this! Someone awesome is always left out. (If you believe you are the awesome one that has been left out, feel free to submit a complaint in the form of a Baby Got Back song parody. It can be a video or just lyrics. Whatever.)