The Haiku Buckaroo Badge

Yeah, I’m talking about The Haiku Buckaroo Contest, Steely Dan.

Remember how much fun we had last time? And an equally important link here, too?

It’s almost time to do it all again. But bigger! And better!

How will it be bigger and better, you ask?

Well, there is going to be more than one winner. That means there will be more than one prize. And, there’s going to be voting! Yeehaw!

So, put on your haiku hats. Start chanting your 5-7-5 mantra. And give me some suggestions for prize-winning categories, why don’t ya? For example: Funniest Haiku. Best Haiku About Robots. You know, whatever your brain likes. Share it with me in comments or via e-mail (admin at If your ideas don’t suck, I’ll probably use some of them. Or a lot of them. It all depends on the prizes…

Yeah, prizes! Want a little publicity? Become a Haiku Buckaroo Contest Sponsor and offer a prize! As a sponsor, you’ll get some linky love from me and a warm feeling in your heart. And everyone will know that you are nice. If you’re awesome enough to want to kick in, just e-mail me (admin at and let me know what you’d like to offer, along with a link I can send my love to throughout the contest. Keep in mind, cool kids live all over the world, so your prize must be able to get to where they are. If you have a question or limitation in regard to international shipping, let me know when you e-mail me.

I’ll be accepting category suggestions and prize submissions until Friday, Febuary 1st.

Haiku Buckaroo
Just seventeen syllables
And it could be you.