We had playgroup at my house today. And since I like to celebrate things, and Chinese New Year is just around the corner (February 7th for those of you not in the know), we did it up Chinese New Year style. That means, I made a snack with a theme.

Rat Pudding Cup Snack

It’s a rat pudding cup. Because 2008 is the Year of the Rat, which is pretty much the only reason you might serve children food bearing a resemblance to a rodent.

Chinese Numbers and Days of the Week

Then, I showed the kids Chinese numbers from one to ten alongside our numbers, so they could see how cool and different they were. I had found a website with audio pronunciations and I learned them ahead of time so I could count to ten in Chinese correctly for them. And I showed them the Chinese symbols for the days of the week. I had learned how to say those in advance, too. Dave made fun of me for it and called me a dork. So, I said, “Xing qui tian,” which means “Sunday,” but Dave didn’t know that. I could have been telling him to blow it out his ass for all he knew. If you can’t beat him, confuse him, that’s what I like to say.

Rat Puppet

I also prepared a craft – rat puppets, made from construction paper and small paper bags – but we didn’t assemble them at playgroup. Because of all the playing, which is really the top priority of the playgroup. So, everyone took one home as a remembrance of this fine day where I showed off the cool and colorful calendar I got free from the China Star restaurant last week.