Last night, my parents took Julia and me out to dinner. On the way home from the restaurant, Julia was looking out the car window, admiring the full moon when she noticed a star.

“Mom! Mommy! There’s a wishing star! A wishing star! We all need to make wishes. Okay? Alright. I wish that I could fly! Yes! Grandpa, what do you wish for?”

Grandpa said, “Uhhh, well, I wish for a super-tractor for my garden.”

“Good one, Grandpa!” Julia clapped enthusiastically. “What do you wish for Mommy?”

“I wish for a million dollars,” I said.

“Okay, Mom,” Julia replied. “What about you Grandma?”

Grandma said, “I wish we would get home fast so I can pee!”

“Aw, Grandma,” Julia said screwing up her face, “That’s a bad wish! You’re gonna make the stars mad, Grandma. That wish was bad. Your wishes need to be magic to come true!”