It’s another Buck The Monkey weekend. There’s chocolate peanut butter monkey love exploding all over the place here. So, I’ve got photos.

Check it out.

How would you feel if this showed up on your doorstep?

Could that be...buckeyes?

And then you opened it up and realized, “Holy Heck, those are Leslie’s Buckeyes!!!”


Would you totally love that? I sure hope so. If not, you can lie. I don’t mind.

I’ve got a stack of boxes to deliver in our neighborhood tomorrow because my husband has been promising my buckeyes to people all over this land. He spends them like they’re currency. “Hey, can I use your front end loader? I can’t pay you, but my wife will make you some awesome buckeyes!

And I’ve got a box shipping out on Monday to one of my favorite bloggers in the whole wide world…one of the few people I love enough to send a bunch of my big balls. I hope she likes my balls. I haven’t told her they’re coming. It’s going to be a surprise! Well, not so much once she reads this…

Anyway! Here’s our latest Psychedelic Sock Monkey.

Newest Psychedelic Sock Monkey

As I was photographing that monkey for my Etsy store, Julia asked, “When are you gonna be done making sock monkeys? When everyone in the world has one?”

My Mom and I looked at each other and said, “Yeah! Sock Monkey World Domination!”

So, that’s my new dream: Peace, Love and Sock Monkeys! It’d be pretty hard to fight with a sock monkey in your hand, right? Unless you use the sock monkey as a weapon, but then that’s just wrong.

Make monkey love, not war!

*lyric from Imagine by John Lennon