My little bee had her dance recital this weekend. She was so excited about it. Not so much about the dancing part – she does that every week in class – but, the wearing her recital costume part – the recital costume I’ve been guarding like Cerberus to keep intact for the big recital. And I was proud to say it survived more than a month of attempts to snatch it for dress up play, one photo shoot, and two dress rehearsals.

Like I was saying, I was proud…

As I was getting her dressed in the waiting room before the show, she pulled her bee antennae headband out of her bag and it snapped. I couldn’t believe it. I just stood there staring at the pieces. Thankfully, one of the other mothers stepped in and helped me Macgyver it to her head, just in time for me to get back to my seat and worry through eight performances about whether or not it held up for hers.

It did.

Julia was adorable. She performed twice – a tap routine and a ballet routine. You can see them both here.

When the show was done, I gave her flowers, a balloon and some candy. I was so proud of her. And I think she felt pretty good about herself, too.

Julia after her dance recital.