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True Blue Haiku

Still no internet
Damn ISP. I hate you.
You’re inadequate

Dave here again sending you this haiku from Leslie as she spews forth this haiku over the phone in between rants about how her ISP sucks goat eggs. I have never heard this much filthy language over the phone in my life that didn’t have a per minute charge to it. It was kinda hot.

Internet Catastrophe

Internet is down
Spent day with a nervous twitch
Dave to the rescue.

We awoke to our greatest nightmare – the storms over the last 12 hours had killed our internet access. So I (Dave) travelled into work to make sure your day was complete with a haiku. This had so better get me laid.

I Love Saturdays.

no alarm clock ring
sleeping in Julia’s bed
never felt so good

My Little Entrepreneur

Today at the Farmer’s Market…

Julia: “Hi! We’re selling Mama’s buckeyes. They’re a dollar! Would you like one?”

Customer #1: “Well, how can I resist that? Sure. I’ll take one.”

Julia: Takes the dollar, studies it, then stows it away.

Customer #2: “Good morning! What do we have here?”

Julia: “We’re selling buckeyes. They’re fifty dollars!”

Will Someone Play ‘Taps’ For My Dying Dream?

This Is Motherhood
may not continue due to
lack of submissions.

*Sniff Sniff*

It feels kinda like when “My So-Called Life” was cancelled.

Can’t Blog Right Now, I’m Bucking The Monkey!

Big day tomorrow
Buck The Monkey‘s first booth at
The Farmer’s Market

Wish us luck!

Julia The Designer

“Will you entertain
Lucy while I make dinner?”
Here is my answer.

Fashion by Julia

To Julia, On Her Birthday

My Sweet Julia

the day you were born
was the best day of my life
you made me a mom

How I Spent My Monday

Castle Cake

I got the idea from here.

What I Said About Cats Before

New Kitten

dumped at our place ’cause
we got a reputation
for being suckers helping kitties

Yes…another one. And of course she’s a girl. Of course! Because if she weren’t a girl, she wouldn’t be a ticking bomb waiting to get knocked up and explode MORE KITTENS. And we wouldn’t have to pay MORE MONEY to get her fixed RIGHT NOW to avoid it.


But then there’s this:

Julia and the kitten.

Thank God the vet lets me run a tab.

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