Water Balloon Fight

water balloon fight
grown man versus four year old
who do you think won?


by Leslie

What Julia says:
zucchini underwear and
a flying mattress

What Julia means:
bikini underwear and
a praying mantis

After revealing my crazy at the parent only orientation, I made sure I was on my very best behavior for the preschool meet and greet yesterday. I exhibited colossal restraint. I did not share any stories. I did not answer any questions intended for another person. I did not finish anyone’s sentences. I did not speak for anyone else. I did nothing more than support my daughter, like a real grown-up parent.

We walked into her classroom hand in hand. A teacher greeted us and Julia – though obviously distracted by the grandness that was her classroom – politely introduced her sister. Then she ran off to explore. She was so excited! I stood back and watched. All the other children were busy with activities, flowing freely from learning station to learning station. Julia eased right into the mix. A little girl named Grace handed me a very special “ticket” she’d made. Another girl came over to admire Lucy and commented that she was “pretty much the cutest baby.”

The room was so bright and lively, without being loud or overwhelming. Lucy never stopped pedaling her legs while she watched the kids play. Julia seemed comfortable and I was pleased with the way the teachers interacted with her. She told me that she loved her school at least four times. When I said it was time to go, she told me exactly what she wanted to check out when she came back next week. The meet and greet was a success.

On the way home, I asked Julia, “So, what do you think?”

“My one teacher has hair like Chewbacca.”

I prayed that she won’t tell her teacher that, even though it’s a huge compliment from Julia. She loves Chewbacca. She talks about him incessantly. She makes up stories about him. She draws pictures of him. She asks me to “talk like Chewbacca” throughout the day. She’s decided she wants to be an astronaut so she can go to space and get a wookie of her very own. To Julia, CHEWBACCA.IS.EVERYTHING. But, her teacher doesn’t know that. And, “Hey teacher, you look like Chewbacca!” could easily be misconstrued. So I told her, “Jules, maybe you shouldn’t -” then I stopped. No. I wasn’t going to do that. I started again, “You know, your teacher does have very nice hair.”

See how good preschool is? I’m learning already!

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