Remember how I ended up with seventeen kittens? Well, I’ve spent the past month or so wrangling the mothers of those kittens and shipping them off to the vet to be fixed. And, just like last time, there has been one I’ve had a difficult time catching.

For two weeks I’ve been trying to get her. Most of my attempts have been a variation of this set up,

Regular Cage Set Up

with this being the anticipated outcome,

Regular Cage Anticipated Result

and this being the actual outcome.

Regular Cage Actual Result

Then, my uncle let me borrow a humane trap.

Humane Trap Set Up

And this happened.

Humane Trap Goes Wrong

Many, many times.

But I’m no quitter. So, I kept trying. And trying. And trying. Until finally.

Evil Cat Caught!

I caught the her, and can now rest easy that a cat isn’t smarter than me.