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The First And Last Of The Year

My first New Year’s Eve
with David home to kiss me
when the clock strikes twelve.


It’s the last day of 2008, so I thought I’d take a moment to share with you some things I’ve learned over the past year.

  1. Having two children isn’t twice as much work as having one. It’s more than that. Much, much more. And that much more if you have a puppy, too. Particularly if the puppy weighs more than your grandma.
  2. Having another child doesn’t double the love in your heart. It’s does more than that. And though less than a year may have passed since that child came into your life, it won’t feel like it. It’ll feel like she’s been a part of you forever.
  3. Being an only child may not be as awesome as you thought it was, because siblings are useful and parents are a handful.
  4. A good grandpa is impossible to replace.
  5. So is a good husband.
  6. Even though you’re trying to save money, there are some things that are still worth paying for. Like fabric softener and lean meat. Also, dog obedience training. Or counseling.
  7. Forgetting to feed 27 hungry cats is a mistake that’ll make you understand the victims in any zombie movie.
  8. Four-year-olds are smarter than you thought.
  9. Fish are ridiculously fragile. You can kill them with a hard stare.
  10. True friends are easy to discern. They read your blog, adopt your sock monkeys and rave about your buckeyes. They’re willing to invest in anything you put yourself into. And some days, that’s the very reason you choose to get up and live.

Happy New Year, readers. Thank you for being you.

Car Trouble And Voodoo Doll Swirlies

Woke up this morning
and the Corvette has a flat.
Will it ever end?

I truly believe
that somewhere someone has a
Voodoo doll of me

And they’re dunking it
in the toilet, which is why
I’m drowning in shit.

The Coolest Yule Ever Be

There’s a little red Corvette parked in my driveway. And you should know that when I say little red Corvette, I’m actually singing it. Like Prince.

The Corvette is a loaner from my father-in-law while we work out our car situation. Our neighbors don’t know that, though. They only know that it showed up on Christmas and Dave has been driving it, which makes me look like the coolest wife ever.

I actually gave him the video game Spore for Christmas, which means I’m -3% as cool as they think I am.

Our Christmas Not On Christmas was wonderful, by the way. Julia found the Barbie and the Diamond Castle dolls she’d been longing for under the tree. Lucy got toys, but who the hell cares about that when they come wrapped in PAPER. We played together all day long. The whole family. And that was my best Christmas present.

Dave has been home for four whole days. He’s had the girls in his lap for most of that time. They can’t get enough of their daddy.

My Favorite People

This has given me plenty of time to build civilizations on that video game I gave him for Christmas. And that means I’m actually -112% cooler than the neighbors think I am.

Cross My Heart And Hope To Die. But I Draw The Line At Poking Needles In My Eye.

Back to the DAILY
part of The Daily Haiku.
From now on. Promise.

May Your Days Be Merry And Bright

Merry Christmas

Run! Run! As Fast As You Can!

Julia and I
made some gingerbread cookies.
We had so much fun!

Our Gingerbread Men

“Come on, man!” she said
holding a gingerbread guy,
“It’s the holidays!”

Everyone Makes Christmas Cookies. I Do Cupcakes.

holiday cupcakes
last year I made Santa ones
this year, Christmas trees

My candy cane Christmas tree cupcakes

notice the cake part
red. white. like a candy cane.
I’m fancy like that

Julia told me,
“Make the Christmas trees BIGGER!”
She likes the icing.

Mr. Grimmett Comes Home For Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve, Internets! Except that it’s not Christmas Eve for us. We like to be different, so TOMORROW is The Grimmett Family Christmas Eve. We’re celebrating Christmas on Friday. I wish I had a more interesting reason other than Dave has to work on Christmas, but I don’t. Since Christmas, to me at least, isn’t so much about December 25th as it is about my family, we are celebrating it when he can be home. I don’t do Christmas without Mr. Grimmett.

(Writing Mr. Grimmett made me laugh a little. I don’t know why. I just don’t think of Dave and I as Mr. and Mrs. kind of people. We’re Hey You folks.)

To some, it may seem like this would make Christmas a little less special. Not us. Dave works 12 hour shifts, midnight to noon. And he has worked that shift 18 of the last 20 days. He’s been home a day here and there so I can refill his lunch bag and wash his clothes. I’ve spent more time cleaning his underwear than I have with him. So, the Christmas gift the Grimmett Girls are looking forward to most is some time with Mr. Grimmett. Hehe. We can’t wait to have him holding the television hostage on a sports channel while snoring in his recliner. We’ve really kind of missed that.

Well, We Saw A Lot Of Christmas Lights

one car, six people
that means Leslie drives all day

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