Merry Christmas Eve, Internets! Except that it’s not Christmas Eve for us. We like to be different, so TOMORROW is The Grimmett Family Christmas Eve. We’re celebrating Christmas on Friday. I wish I had a more interesting reason other than Dave has to work on Christmas, but I don’t. Since Christmas, to me at least, isn’t so much about December 25th as it is about my family, we are celebrating it when he can be home. I don’t do Christmas without Mr. Grimmett.

(Writing Mr. Grimmett made me laugh a little. I don’t know why. I just don’t think of Dave and I as Mr. and Mrs. kind of people. We’re Hey You folks.)

To some, it may seem like this would make Christmas a little less special. Not us. Dave works 12 hour shifts, midnight to noon. And he has worked that shift 18 of the last 20 days. He’s been home a day here and there so I can refill his lunch bag and wash his clothes. I’ve spent more time cleaning his underwear than I have with him. So, the Christmas gift the Grimmett Girls are looking forward to most is some time with Mr. Grimmett. Hehe. We can’t wait to have him holding the television hostage on a sports channel while snoring in his recliner. We’ve really kind of missed that.