Diet? What diet?
I’ve been eating like a pig.
It’s out of control!

I’ve drifted off course.
Tomorrow I start anew.
I HAVE to do it.

On Monday, I asked the internets: Haven’t you always wanted a monkey? And the answer was a resounding YES, we kind of do.

Thanks y’all. The monkey feels loved. Also a little conceited. The monkey keeps telling me, “I get more comments than you!” So, I’ll be happy to ship that crazy animal off to….

(This is where I announce the winner. You may want to make a drum roll sound.)

…STEPH! who was good enough to tease my brain with the following quote from Goodfellas: “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.”

Me, too, Ray Liotta.

I also wanted to be a good song and movie quote guesser, but I’m not one of those either. Of the quotes submitted (which were AWESOME, by the way), I got about 60% correct. That’s a D, folks. Maybe even a D MINUS.

Good thing I didn’t talk trash beforehand or I’d look even stupider than I do right now. (And don’t try to tell me stupider isn’t a word. I got a D MINUS. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM ME?)

Thanks to everyone who entered. And thanks to those of you who didn’t enter, but secretly wanted to. Also, thank you to everyone that didn’t want to enter, but read my blog anyway. If you’re reading this at all, thank you. I like you. Come back tomorrow, okay?

Super Charge Me

by Leslie

zap! shock! crazy hair!
static electricity
the bane of my life

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