The fourth edition of The Haiku Buckaroo contest is officially over. It’s time to name the new Haiku Buckaroo.

As custom dictates, the winner was chosen by the reigning Buckaroo, Open Window (the blogger formerly known as Englishgenie). Here are the results, along with her comments.

Haiku Buckaroo Honorable Mention

Editing papers
For a doctoral thesis
Shouldn’t I get paid?

Submitted by Lilacspecs

Open Window says: “The answer to this question is yes! Don’t work for free! Editing is hard work and, IMHO, the worst part of writing.”

Haiku Buckaroo Honorable Mention

Here’s what I’m thinking
I truly do like people
but they disappoint

Submitted by Jenn in Holland

Open Window says: “I’m getting divorced. I know all about how people disappoint. This haiku makes me wonder how many ways I disappoint people…”

Haiku Buckaroo Honorable Mention

Sun clings to my hair.
His rushed giggles chase me,
Our smiles stuck in place.

Submitted by Allyson at Maid for Motherhood

Open Window says: “This is classic Haiku. The English teacher in me loves the imagery and personification…being chased by giggles makes me giggle!”

Haiku Buckaroo Honorable Mention

Life is simpler
since Cindy-Lu Hoo realized
she can wipe up her own snot.

Submitted by Karly at Wiping Up Snot

Open Window says: “I loved this! Isn’t it funny how we wait for just this kind of thing as mothers? And, although she totally takes liberties with the 5-7-5 form, I laughed out loud!”

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And now, without further delay…


education, HAH!
talk about random bull shit
a form of torture!

Submitted by Res at Just Because!

Open Window says: “This one is hysterical! Especially from where I am right now as a teacher. I really liked the sentiment behind this Haiku because I feel like most of my students would agree.”

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Thanks to Open Window for judging the contest. It’s no easy task (which is why I don’t do it). And thank you to all the Haiku Buckaroo participants! I’m so glad you entered!

If you weren’t feeling creative or brave enough to join in this go ’round, you’ve got until August to come up with something for Haiku Buckaroo V!