nothing nice to say
so I said nothing at all
worst mood of all time

(Pssst. But, don’t worry.
I’m in a better mood now.
Everything’s alright.)

The Sixth Weigh-In

by Leslie

it’s been three weeks since
the last weigh-in and I’m down
nine and a half pounds

I signed up today
for my first ever 5K
just 8 weeks away!

she talks about “ducks”
“I did it!” and “Look at this!”
“dog,” “cat,” “quack! quack! quack!”

“mom” “dad” “Julia”
she claps, points, and shakes her fists
“yes” “no” “no no NO!”

but that isn’t all
she’s got more to say but in
a different way

with her little hands
she tells me “more,” “all done,” “milk”
and “change my diaper”

people often ask
“How many words does she have?”
and I say “plenty”

The Turkish Get Up.
I thought just plain getting up
was a big challenge.

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