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Why I Was Haikuless Yesterday

nothing nice to say
so I said nothing at all
worst mood of all time

(Pssst. But, don’t worry.
I’m in a better mood now.
Everything’s alright.)

The Sixth Weigh-In

it’s been three weeks since
the last weigh-in and I’m down
nine and a half pounds

Maybe Not A Piece Of Cake, But Reminiscent Of A Song By Cake

I signed up today
for my first ever 5K
just 8 weeks away!

The Things Lucy Can Say

she talks about “ducks”
“I did it!” and “Look at this!”
“dog,” “cat,” “quack! quack! quack!”

“mom” “dad” “Julia”
she claps, points, and shakes her fists
“yes” “no” “no no NO!”

but that isn’t all
she’s got more to say but in
a different way

with her little hands
she tells me “more,” “all done,” “milk”
and “change my diaper”

people often ask
“How many words does she have?”
and I say “plenty”

I’m An American! I Shouldn’t Have To Get Up Like This.

The Turkish Get Up.
I thought just plain getting up
was a big challenge.

Bedtime Ritual

Every night I say
I will get back up to write,
But sleep wins the fight.

Blowing The Stink Off




a little time outside
makes everyone feel so good
thank goodness for spring

Cue The Greatest American Hero Theme Song

I use a Moby Wrap to carry Lucy while I walk.

Every day, I strap it on and tie it in the back. Like this.

Me and my Moby

I apologize for the poor quality of the photo. (P.S. Dave took it.) And it was taken before I learned how to remove the date stamp from my camera. I’m not even going to talk about the pants I’m wearing except to say I walk early in the morning and we should all feel lucky I’m even wearing pants.


I’m supposed to bring the wrap back to the front and tie it there, but there’s been a little too much of me and not quite enough fabric to do it. Until this morning when I put it on and I COULD TIE IT IN THE FRONT!

One of my walking buddies spotted me and before I even had the knot tightened was shouting, “YOU DID IT! YOU DID IT!”

We jumped up and down and squealed and then walked four miles around the track. Well, she walked on the track. I walked on air.

Because The Punishment Should Fit The Crime

to the person who
melts cheese in my microwave
and does not clean it:

do it again and
I’ll melt your face off with my
red-hot searing rage



working hard at play
because their visits are few
every minute counts

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