Julia participated in The Ribbon Festival on Saturday.

After her last piano recital, I posted a video of the performance here on my blog, but went easy on the words to avoid coming off too stage mom-ish.

Well, this time, there is no video to post. I mean, there is a video, but I took it on my new camera that I don’t fully understand how to use yet. And since I bought the world’s largest memory card (because who doesn’t need to store 8,000 photos at a time?), my video file ended up being so huge no machine can actually play it. So, all I’ve got are words and my unbridled pride to share, along with a couple poorly angled photographs in inadequate light.

Lucy, Julia and Grandma at The Ribbon Festival

Julia and Lucy wore their special dresses. They were so cute, I couldn’t resist trucking them to a photo studio right after the festival to have their pictures taken by a professional.

Julia was the youngest as well as the first to perform in her session. She did a fantastic job. She is likely a musical genius, if you ask me. She tickled the ivories for 44 measures at a steady beat without a blunder. I watched on the edge of my seat, because her recent practices didn’t go so well. But, the kid knows when it counts and pulled it off.

This is what the judges had to say about it:

Thank you Julia for such a fun performance. And what good memory. Your rhythm was terrific and your control was the best. Keep up the very good work. I hope to hear you again soon. It was really fun!

Her First Ribbon Festival

She, as well as every other participant, received a ribbon. She spent the next 24 hours wearing it, hugging it, holding it, staining it with chocolate fingers and making it fly like an airplane. It is the most special ribbon EVER. She cannot wait to do it again next year, because the second year ribbon is purple and that’s her second favorite color.