anti-theft ink tag
found on the outfit I bought
after I got home

bath the kids early
put them in their pajamas
off to the drive-in

Lucy had grown quiet while playing in the Rose Petal Cottage, so I peeked through the window to make sure she wasn’t eating ants. Again. (P.S. WE HAVE ANTS! GAH!) But she wasn’t. She was sitting in there looking at this picture of Julia that she’d snatched off the refrigerator.

After a hard day of play.

She would point to it, then put her hands on her face and tilt her head to the side. Over and over. Point to the picture, hands on face, tilt head to side. Like she was recreating it or something. And it was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. Until this morning when she woke Julia up by touching her face and cooing, “Pretty…Julia….Pretty.”

I guess that makes up for all the biting. And hitting. And snack pilfering. Also toy hijacking. And hair pulling. Did I mention biting?

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