The 5K.

First 5K Race Time 35:49

In my best time ever. 35:49.

I was so fast that I foiled Dave’s plan to meet me at the big uphill near the end of the race after he finished (which he did in 27:27, which earned him fourth place in his age group). Just look at him.

Dave running his first 5K

Doesn’t he look sexy hot in his running clothes?

He got to the top of the hill in time to choke on my dust. He ran after me, but couldn’t catch me because I was RUNNING, dude. Also because he’d just run his own 5K in 27:27 and was tired. He missed my big finish, but that was okay. He has been behind me since I started this whole thing. It’s almost fitting that we finished like that. Anyway, my parents, my girls and my Biggest Loser-mates were there to cheer me on.

Last push to the finish line

I wasn’t fast enough to make the “official” record, but so what? And so what if a seven year old little girl finished head of me? That kid was crazy fast. We’re gonna see her in the Olympics or something. The thing is, I ran the entire race and finished at my personal best and THAT feels GREAT.

After the race

Anyhow, I picked up a registration form for another race in August, so I have the whole summer to work on my speed.