I need business cards.
And clothes without stains or holes.
BlogHer’s almost here.

Julia’s the star
Won’t you please go look?

It is 4 a.m. on the day of Julia’s 5th birthday party. I just finished her cake. This means I have been up all night working on it. And here it is.

Julia's 5th Birthday Cake - Tinkerbell

I know. I KNOW. It has a lot of problems. I’m not even going to discuss them, because it is finished. FINISHED!

I would be embarrassed to tell you that it took me sixteen hours to make it, but I think that doing anything for a whole sixteen hours in a row is kind of an accomplishment. Or a sign of insanity.

It looks nothing like the cake I had planned. It turns out that I have a lot to learn about fondant. Also, our air conditioning failed and I discovered that everything I ever knew about buttercream frosting had changed, so this cake is kind of an against all odds sort of miracle confection.

It actually looks good from far away and, hopefully, in the eyes of my five year old.

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