Items Needed: A tire. A strong rope. A tree.

Step 1: Drill holes in the bottom of your tire to prevent water from gathering and making it all gross when it rains.

Drilling Holes Drilled Holes

Step 2: Take the tire to the car wash to clean it with a high pressure hose. Also to justify the trip to the ice cream parlor next door.

Julia washes the tire

Step 3: Use a ladder to reach a sturdy tree branch and tie the rope to the branch.

Tall Ladder

Step 4: Realize that your ladder is a lot taller than it looks when you actually climb up it and that the branch is really high.

Step 5: Put the ladder away.

Step 6: Concoct a brilliant plan in which you place a softball in a sock, tie it to the end of the rope and toss it over the branch.

Softball Sock Throwy Idea

Step 7: Enlist help from someone that can actually throw.

Step 8: Tie a slip knot and pull it until it reaches the branch. You will have a double rope of unequal size.

Slip knot

Step 9: Tie the rope around the tire using a square knot.

Step 10: Discover that knots are really hard to tie.

Step 11: Go inside and Google How To Tie A Square Knot.

Step 12: Attach the tire using the rope with a whole bunch of the knots you know how to make.


Step 13: Have the heaviest member of your family test the swing to insure its strength. You may not want to tell them that their weight is the reason they were chosen.

Step 14: Untie all those knots and hike the tire a little higher up that rope. Make sure your drill holes are at the bottom. Repeat steps 9 through 13.

Step 15: Let your impatient kid swing, already. You can cut off the excess rope later when her leg gets tangled in it and she falls and gets hurt.

Julia's first swing on the tire

Daddy pushes, Julia swings


Step 16: Pat yourself on the back and admire your handiwork from the street, just like the neighbors will.

Tire Swing