heart in my hand

little clover heart
in my hand, much like my own
I give it to you

I’ve got a guest post up at The Informal Matriarch today and I’ve come up with some reasons you may want to click on over and check it out.

1. I would like it.

2. Leah* (She’s The Informal Matriarch) would like it.

3. You would like it.

4. The internet will grant you a wish.

See? Just one click will make three people happy and you get a wish. If your wish is to make three people happy.

*Leah is the mother of two sons. Her eldest was recently diagnosed with autism. She writes some compelling stuff about that and other things. She’s also real pretty.

Cameras Are Fun

by Leslie

waiting in the car
for the t-ball game to start
we took some pictures

keep looking »