If I’ve learned anything from The Haiku Buckaroo contest, it’s that y’all are awesome. Your entries were incredible. The truth is, I probably couldn’t win my own contest. And I write a haiku every day. But! Writing haiku isn’t about being the best, it’s about having fun and being creative. Except for right now, because I’m going to announce the winner which is about nothing but being the best.

According to tradition, the winner was chosen by the reigning Buckaroo, Res from Just Because! Here are the results.

Haiku Buckaroo Honorable Mention

My bladder was mine
Until Baby came along
Now my pants are wet

Submitted by Mickey

Haiku Buckaroo Honorable Mention

instructions not is
IKEA this assembl’d
Haiku read an the

Submitted by Goofball

Haiku Buckaroo Honorable Mention

He can count to ten
and onward to seventeen
but fourteen’s said twice

Submitted by Mo’Jenn

Haiku Buckaroo Honorable Mention

Haikus need humor.
I’d write more about it but
I have to go pee.

Submitted by Lilacspecs

Haiku Buckaroo Honorable Mention

match made in heaven
teenager plus new x-box
true love forever

Submitted by Mo’Jenn

Haiku Buckaroo Honorable Mention

My shoulder is sore
so I can’t lift anything
which comes in handy.

Submitted by Goofball

Haiku Buckaroo Honorable Mention

My Purpose
Warm little boy arms
Wrap around my waist (surprise!)
“I love you, Mommy.”

Submitted by Allyson at Maid for Motherhood

Haiku Buckaroo Third Place

Bright in my garden
the nightly dancing faeries
fireflies alight

Submitted by Mo’Jenn

Haiku Buckaroo Second Place

Look into my eyes.
Some words must never be said
But you can feel them.

Submitted by Tanja

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And now…you wanted the best…you got the best.


baby in the house
bleary eyes for tiny toes
a worthy exchange.

Submitted by Toni at This Simple Life

Res says, “My babies are 9 and 12 and this one still rings true!!!!”

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Thank you to Res for choosing the winner. It’s a hard job! I’m glad I didn’t have to do it. And thank you to all the Haiku Buckaroo participants with your brave hearts so full of love. You make me happy.