by Leslie

Dear Blog Readers,

I’ve missed you.

Life has been holding me hostage with a long list of demands. The bills are screaming, “PAY ME!” The kids keep wanting me to feed them and hug them and “You’re a bear! Chase me! Wheee!” Dave insists on clean clothes for work. And the house has hidden the checkbook, the scissors (the all-purpose ones, not the sewing ones that are FOR SEWING ONLY) and my favorite sandals and won’t give them to me unless I clean it. And the bills are screaming, “PAY ME!” (I know I said that already, but I have a lot of bills.)

Meanwhile, things are happening. Things that result in my belly button being named The Deep Hole of Doom, eye twitches, humiliation and uncertainty of the highest degree as well as joy, nausea, satisfaction and gigglefits. Oh, the stories I haven’t been able to tell you. But I’ll be back to my regular blogging business soon. Right now is kind of like the part in the movie Big where Tom Hanks is writing to his mom and he wants to go home so badly but he can’t because he’s big and who can understand that other than Billy Kopecki. And you know he’ll be back just as soon as he learns a meaningful lesson and finds that damn Zoltar machine.

People, Zoltar is hard to find. But I’m working on it.

I love you and I think of you every day.


P.S. Life says I can get back to blogging everyday, maybe even multiple times per day if you send $30,000 $45,000 $65,000 ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Maybe a housekeeper, too.

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