“I want to be a spider for Halloween,” Julia told me. “Because it is dark and I like dark things.”

And so the quest began for a spider costume.

It was pretty much an impossible quest because 1) there are no cute spider costumes in existence for a child beyond the toddler years and 2) even if there were, none of them were within my budget of $0. We did manage to find, however, this costume from Pottery Barn which was enough to inspire my mom and I to create this one.

Julia in her spider costume

It is made from one of my old sweatshirts, a snow hat, some stuffing and felt. I’m rather proud of it, if I’m being honest. I wasn’t sure if Julia would be, though. When I was a kid, homemade stuff wasn’t cool. I know, because I had a lot of homemade stuff. And the jeers I got over my homemade Hugga Bunch doll still haunt my dreams now and then. But Julia knows better. She’s thrilled with her costume, especially because it’s homemade. And I absolutely love her for that.