You may not know this but spring cannot come until a new Haiku Buckaroo is chosen. It’s a fact I made up and it’s 100% true.

What’s a Haiku Buckaroo? I’m so glad you asked in-the-dark-dude! It’s the winner of my semi-annual, full-on awesome haiku contest.

So, how ’bout we work together to get get some spring sprung!

Here’s how to do it:

Write a haiku.

(A haiku has 17 syllables:

five in the first line
seven in the second line
five in the third line

Just so you know.)

Bloggers: Post your haiku on your blog. It’d be nice if you’d linkily mention this contest in your post so I can feel your style and your link love flow. Once your post is published, submit a link directly to your entry post with the Mr. Linky below.

Non-Bloggers or Bloggers Who Don’t Want To Post It On Their Blog For A Reason I Don’t Understand But Support Because We’re Free To Be You and Me: Submit your haiku via this entry form. I will provide a page on which all non-blogger haiku submissions will appear. Once your submission is received, it will be included on the non-blogger haiku submission page and a link to it will be added to Mr. Linky under your name.

You may enter more than once. Each haiku will be judged individually.

The contest winner (a.k.a. The Haiku Buckaroo) will receive:

A Magnetic Poetry Haiku Kit

A Haiku Buckaroo Mug

A Threadless Haiku T-shirt (in the size of your choice)

$25 via a gift card or PayPal

A super-cool button for your blog or resume or to print and post on your refrigerator or to give your local inker for your next tattoo (in your choice of white or black).

Haiku Buckaroo Button (White) Haiku Buckaroo Button (Black)

The contest deadline is 11:59 p.m. EST, Friday March 12th. The winner will be announced on Monday March 15th.

Haiku Buckaroo
Just seventeen syllables
And it could be you

Good luck!