Julia participated in her second Ribbon Festival on Saturday.

(And guess what?!?!?! THIS WOMAN was there! Her daughter played Lightly Row! We didn’t speak! It was awkward! For me! Because I don’t think she even saw me! Unless she did but pretended not to or something!)

Julia wore a pretty pink dress and played Cuckoo.

Julia and her ribbon

She earned a yellow ribbon. For some reason we spent most of the year thinking it was going to be purple but whatever. On the way home, Julia held her ribbon and said to it, “I love you and I’ll tell you why. First of all, you’re yellow…” Purple schmurple. Yellow suits her fine.

The judge had this to say about her performance:

What a beautiful performance! You played so confidently with a lovely smooth touch on the keys. I especially liked your very careful hand position – you obviously have listened to your teacher very well.

You played every note perfectly and kept a steady beat. I hope you will always love the piano and that you will continue to practice and learn. Thank you for playing today. I really enjoyed hearing you!!

Yeah. There are TWO exclamation points at the end.

The whole thing made me cry. I’d blame pregnancy hormones, but the truth is, I’m like one of those parents on American Idol who closes their eyes when their kid performs and cries over how proud they are. On the inside (because outwardly, I roll my eyes at those crazy parents). Except on this occasion where I really cried. Let’s just call it pregnancy hormones!

Lucy wore a NOT PINK dress to The Ribbon Festival.


And she was sufficiently proud of her sister.

Admiring her big sister

Oh, and one more. Because I’m just a little bit proud of my girls.

Lucy and Julia at The Ribbon Festival