The moms in my playgroup and I have an ongoing joke about starting a commune. And while we laugh as if it’s ridiculous, I keep a list running in my head (or maybe on the hard drive of my computer) of the people I’d want in my perfect society. Our Haiku Buckaroo Judge is one of those people. Have you met her? Her name is Toni and she blogs at This Simple Life. I respect, admire and downright adore this woman. She’s also the reigning Buckaroo. And the reigning Buckaroo always chooses the new Buckaroo. We’ve been doing it like that since the olden days.

Here are Toni’s choices for The Haiku Buckaroo 6.0 along with her comments.

Fourth Place

I was creative
once, in a time before kids
Wasn’t I? I think.

Submitted by Amy at Motherhood…Don’t Believe the Hype

Toni says: “This haiku was obviously part of a greater whole (an epic haiku, if you will) but these three lines rung true with me. I like how the writer captured the essence of a doubtful mommy.”

Third Place

Quiet, starlit night
in the stillness before dawn
tiptoes and giggles

Submitted by Julie at Stars in my Sugar Bowl

Toni says: “We had a little girl sleepover here not long ago and this was exactly the way of it. Excellent imagery.”

Second Place

Squealing with delight
Piglet dives into the mud…
Going the whole hog.

Submitted by Tanja

Toni says: “Love, love, love puns ~ couldn’t help but give this one a place of honor.”

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And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…


her eyes, clear and cool
her curls, a tangle of red
my dominant genes

Submitted by Julie at Stars in my Sugar Bowl

Toni says: “This is perfect haiku. I can totally see this little girl with her bobbing red curls and her proud mother standing beside.”

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Thank you to our judge and all of the Haiku Buckaroo participants! You’re the coolest kids of all!