The good news is my placenta previa has corrected itself. There are no words to describe the relief I feel.

The bad news is I have beautiful ultrasound images to share with you, but I have to wait until I return from a short trip to Pennsylvania to visit my family. We headed here straight from my appointment, so I haven’t had the chance to scan them, yet. (P.S. Don’t tell my doctor where I am. I’m not supposed to travel this far in my third trimester, so sshhhhh! It’s a secret!)

Also, I’m making too much amniotic fluid. This explains why I’m looking and measuring so big. Phoebe’s size is perfect. She’s just got a big pool to swim in while she waits to make her entrance. The same thing happened when I was pregnant with Julia, so I’m not worried, which is really a lie because worrying is what I do. I’m a little worried. But less worried about the amniotic fluid than I was about the placenta previa. I traded up on worries today. That’s not so bad.