The time has come to name our seventh Haiku Buckaroo! Woohoo!

According to tradition, the winner was chosen by the reigning Buckaroo, Julie at Stars in my Sugar Bowl. Here are the results.

Honorable mentions

Julie says, “I’d like to note six honorable mentions. In true Eat, Pray, Love style, I’ve broken them into three categories. The first two made me laugh:

It’s that time of year
When the trees are having sex
And my nose gets screwed.

Submitted by Jami at World of Wiffledust

Testing our nice tent
through fierce wind gusts and downpours:
do call us insane.

Submitted by Goofball at Goofballworld

The second two made me think.

Darkness explodes with
Slashing through the sky.

Submitted by Jami at World of Wiffledust

Sitting with short sleeves
I look at my goosebumps
and dream of hot soup

Submitted by Goofball at Goofballworld

(Technically, this poem doesn’t have a 5-7-5 syllable count, but not all contemporary haiku does.)
And the last two tugged at my heart.”

A fat clammy hand
reaches up and pulls my hair
and then my heartstrings.

“I love you, Caleb,”
says big brother sincerely.
Nothing is sweeter.

Both submitted by Allyson at Maid for Motherhood

Third place is a tie!

Julia says, “What can I say? I love storms and these two weather-related poems caught my eye. I enjoyed the imagery in both.”

Glancing through wet glass
at the heavy grey curtain
triggers a shiver

Submitted by Goofball at Goofballworld

A coloured arch grows
sparking new optimism
through my gloomy mood

Submitted by Goofball at Goofballworld

Second place goes to …

A soft summer breeze
Like a curious blind girl
Gently touches all.

Submitted by Jami at World of Wiffledust

Julie says, “The imagery of this poem is so delicate that it almost escaped my attention during my first read-through. I love the sensation as I read the words and the comparison drawn between the gentle girl and the gentle breeze.”

And the winner is …

Hell’s front entryway –
Bright relentless searing heat.
Texas in August.

Submitted by Jami at World of Wiffledust

Julie says, “For me, this poem captures the essence of English language haiku: a comparison between two things, crisp language, vivid imagery, a seasonal reference. I can feel the heat rising from the page as I read it. Nicely done!”

Congratulations, Jami, our one and only TWO TIME Haiku Buckaroo! You’ve won:

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Thank you to Julie at Stars in my Sugar Bowl for judging the contest and to all the participants!