It’s a struggle to reach the keyboard these days. My belly is big and my brain is distracted. I also fall asleep if I stay still for more than 20.3 seconds. I discovered this the hard way on Friday when I woke up on the couch with Lucy in my lap, a book in my hands and five minutes left to get to Julia’s school to pick her up, which meant when I arrived, I had to take the very last spot in the parking lot – you know, the spot farthest away from the school. This made it particularly inconvenient that I had forgotten to put shoes on Lucy and therefore had to carry her all the way across the parking lot. Twice. Nevermind that the cups on my nursing bra weren’t clasped and I was wearing socks with sandals. No one is looking at me so much as my belly, anyway. I make jaws drop everywhere. I now know how Lady Gaga feels when she goes out.

I’m really ready to meet this Phoebe kid. And I’m tired of being pregnant.

Saturday night, I fell asleep listening to my running mix on my iPod and dreaming about the days when I can once again move. (FYI – my goal after Phoebe comes is to begin training to run the Debbie Green 5K next August with my friend Amy – and I mean RUN the entire thing in 30 minutes or less. I figure if I can do that, I can officially add “The Awesome” to my title, even if you could do it faster, sooner and better. I’ll let you call me TA, though.) Julia and Lucy stampeded my room the next morning, yanked the earbuds out of my head, put them on my belly and began a very scientific investigation of their sister’s musical preferences. The Ramones elicited a roll and at least four kicks. Fergie made her go quiet. Van Halen got her kicking again which resulted in uncontrollable flatulance that caused them to abandon their efforts and take leave of my space. It’s funny, the song they made up about Pony Farts at dinner the night before was HILARIOUS. But Mommy Stinkers? Revolting!

And so, the countdown continues. 11 days to go…