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Some families make it a tradition to watch the Thanksgiving Day parades. Others watch football or get a game going in the backyard. My family makes videos. Not just regular videos. Silly videos. We’ve elevated the personal home movie to a level of hilarity – well, we think they’re hilarious – that rivals anything we could watch on television.

It always begins innocently.

“We should make Amy a birthday video. We’re all here…we haven’t seen her for a while. It’d be better than a card.”

“Yeah. Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to make it a rap video?”

And that’s how it starts.

One year, we were inspired by Julia’s extreme sock monkey play and spent nearly the entire holiday making a “sockumentary” about my sock monkey-making hobby (with Jules starring as my product development department).

So, our plan for this post was to show you how to make the baked apple recipe we cooked up last week. Then Julia suggested that we make it a cooking show (starring her, of course). A few wouldn’t-it-be-funny-ifs later, we made this.

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