Words are hard to come by on Mondays, so here’s a video. If you really want to read something, I recommend this. It’ll give you a little backstory about the video. But you don’t have to read it to enjoy the video. The best scenario is that you’re a regular reader and you already know it anyway, but I’m really making kind of a big deal about what’s really just a moderately funny video of my kids.

See how words/Monday don’t work out? Ugh. Here’s the video. Finally.

Lucy on her play phoneLucy loves to play telephone. I spend an impressive amount of time answering her, “Ring! Ring! Ring!”

“Mom!” she whispers sharply. “I’m calling you!”

“Oh, okay. Hello?”

“I have a ploblem. The crocodile ate my finger!”


“Yes! Now Julia is lost! Have you seen her? She has black hair.”

Specifically, Lucy loves to play with my phone. I’m not sure why. It’s not like it’s an iPhone or something. It’s just a plain old phone. Her toy phones have more bells and whistles than my cell fossil. But she just can’t keep her hands off it.

This morning, I was sitting on the edge of my bed rubbing my eyes awake, phone in my hand. Lucy sidled up and gingerly pulled it from my fingers.

“Hey! Hand that over, short stuff,” I said taking it back.

“No, that’s mine,” she contested.

I gave her a nu-uh look.

She quickly composed herself and tried a new angle. “Okay. Let’s play! I’ll be the mom. You be the Lucy. GIMME MY PHONE!

This is what Phoebe looks like when she’s watching Lucy.

Phoebe looks at Lucy

And now, a haiku about gum.


I really dig gum.
Swallowing is fattening.
And overrated.

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