Remember our cute little puffer fish?

So long.  Farewell.  I'll miss you.

(Look at that little guy. He’s waving at you!)

Yeah, well. They didn’t make it.

I know.

Never get a fish tank. Because if you never get a fish tank, you can never get two fish tanks. Also, because getting a fish tank is like being indebted to the mafia. You pay and you pay and you pay. And then there’s death.

After the tragic loss of the puffers, it was decided that we should begin again with a clean slate and this time? We’d do a cold water tank with hearty (i.e. hard to kill) goldfish. We set up the tank and let it run, just like we learned the hard way that you’re supposed to. Then Julia chose a chubby fantail. Lucy picked a sleek comet. We brought them home, introduced them to their new tank, fed them and said goodnight to two rather largish fish.

We woke up this morning to just one fish.

Lucy’s fish has vanished without a trace.

Lucy is devastated, of course. She’s been talking her way through her feelings of loss, but it’s difficult when there’s no real closure. She’s concluded that Julia’s fish is “weird to live with,” so Silver Friend (that’s what she named him) went to live somewhere else. Probably with Santa.

Dave and I are still scratching our heads, though. Where the hell did that fish go?