Julia is required to make a Valentine Box so that she may receive Valentines from her classmates at the Valentine’s Day Party at school on Valentine’s Day. I was excited about this, of course, because this would give me Julia a chance to make the coolest thing the first freakin’ grade has ever seen showcase her creativity, so everyone would see that she has the awesome-est mom evah! that she’s very talented and resourceful.

But she really wasn’t that into it and hated all my ideas couldn’t come up with anything.

And so, we turned to the internets where we found the very cutest Milk Jug Bug Valentine Card Holder that you can find the complete directions and patterns for on Danielle’s Place of Crafts and Activities on the Valentine’s Day Crafts Page.

It was perfect. It was easy to do. I had all the supplies. It was a bug. Julia’s nickname is bug! Clearly, a higher power was intervening here because never had there been a more perfect Valentine card holder than this was turning out to be! Except she didn’t want to do a bug. Or a bear or a cat. She wanted a unicorn. And so…

Julia's Unicorn Valentine Card Holder

There it is.

The Valentines go in the unicorn’s mouth. And then you have nightmares about it for the rest of your life.

I asked Julia, “Do you think it looks a little…creepy?”

“No, it’s fine. Can I go play now?”

“It’s not really Valentine-y.”

“We’ll put some stickers on it later.”

“So, you like it?” I yelled after her as she took off with a light saber in her hand.

“Yep, it’s magical!”

I think it’s the glitter.