My girls love music, but they enjoy it in different ways. Julia is a performer. When she sings, she riffs and when she dances, it’s a routine. There’s always an audience, even if it’s just in her mind. Music is about communication for Julia. Lucy is an enthusiast. When she sings, it’s involuntary. She dances because she has to. Music, for Lucy, is about feeling. And Phoebe? Well, Phoebe tapped her rhythm sticks together all by herself in Kindermusik last night (ahem, MUSICAL GENIUS!), but it’s difficult to discern her motivation at this point. We’ll just have to wait and see when it comes to the Bee.

Due to their fundamental musical differences, a Lucy music video is a rarity while I have hours of Julia footage. Usually, Lucy turns to stone at the sight of a camera. (Although she’s not afraid to show off her break dancing skills in the Wal Mart produce section if’n you’re willing to watch. She’s got mad helicopter skills and the kid can freeze like ice, baby!) So, I was more than a little excited to catch her singing in the car yesterday. (You may need to turn up your volume. She kills it softly, yo.)

I love how Dave and I joining in makes her suddenly feel the need to get out of the car.

*Edited to let you know that I added some notes to the video after Nicole was caring enough to point out that Lucy’s car seat wasn’t buckled safely. Maybe you already knew. I knew. And I want you to know that I knew so you don’t have to worry that Lucy isn’t safe in my care. (Of course, it probably seems a little suspicious since I’m only just now mentioning it.) And while I think it’s pretty clear that I’m no authority on anything, it can’t hurt to tell you that I think car seat safety is important and I hope you’ll be sure that you buckle your kids up properly and keep them safe. If you need any advice on how to do that, the AAP offers some great resources here.