Phoebe is the first of my three girls to make it through the recommended six months of exclusive breastfeeding. Both Julia and Lucy started with rice cereal at four months. (Based on the doctor’s recommendation! He’s an expert! Don’t yell at me!) But during the past two weeks, it had become increasingly obvious that Phoebe was ready for something more. She’d been interested in everything we ate and pursued any and every food item like a zombie after a living brain.

“Ahhh! AAAAHHH!” (That’s the noise she would make. You know, the zombie noise.)

Yesterday, she got her first taste of rice cereal.

First taste of rice cereal

What do you think, Phoebe?

What do you think Phoebe?

She’s not sure.

Thinking about it...

Giver her a minute.


Okay. Yum.